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X200 - Mono Amplifier 200 RMS

The X200 has the same form factor as all other X-Line products and is in the full height case with the same dimensions as the X2PA and X100.  The overall dimensions of the unit are 220mm (8.66in) wide by 350mm (13.78in) long by 155mm (6.10in) tall.  It is stackable and integrates perfectly with all other X-Line products.

X200 - Xodus - Silver Mono Amplifier 200 Watts RMS

The X200 Mono Amplifier has 200 Watts RMS of power at 8Ohms.  This amplifier has a high bandwidth design as do all Xodus Amplifiers.  The X200 has both a XLR and RCA input as well as five-way binding post that accepts banana, spade, and bare wire connections for output.

 The chassis construction is of aluminum plate precision milled with stainless steel inserts on the top panels for ease of stacking.  The finish is labor intensive which includes hand sanding, hand fitting and finally a specialty aluminum finish to achieve a velvety satin surface. 

X200 Mono Block Amplifier by Xodus

In designing the X200 great attention was paid to signal trace length as well as signal isolation.  These two issues were balanced to create a design that minimizes distortion and incorporates short signal length and thermal balancing.


Power Corrupts

Power for power alone is nothing more than ego.  Some companies are marketing 5,000 watt amplifiers that cost more than a home.  Maybe they are worth it, maybe not.  However, power properly applied can make bass more controlled and detail more clear.  Xodus has built upon our decades of experience in amplification with the X200 Mono Amplifier which takes the control, detail, and speed of the X100 Stereo Amplifier to the next level.