Xodus LLC - Audio Products and Home Theater

The X-Line by  X O D U S

Xodus LLC has developed several exciting audio products in our X-Line.  The X2PA Preamplifier, X100 Stereo Amplifier and X200 Mono Amplifier are all representative of the extreme attention to performance and value Xodus invests in each of our products.

Xodus LLC Audio Products


X100 - Stereo Amplifier

X200 - Mono Amplifier

Analog Preamplifiers:

X2PA - Stereo Preamplifier


XDAC - Stereo DAC


Product Development

One of the most important aspects of Xodus's success is the high quality engineering team we have assembled.  Our engineers are from some of the world's largest and most successful companies such as National Semiconductor, Microsoft, TI,  Honeywell,  Boeing, Ingersoll Rand, HP, Fluke, Zebra and the US Department of Energy.  This means we can provide our clients with unmatched human resources in product development.